Students want to be part of GameDay

GameDay is coming, GameDay is coming! And so are the fans! Tickets sold out for the Falcon-Huskie game at 3 p.m. yesterday, making it the first sell out in 20 years.

But why? Because ESPN is coming? Because the team is ranked 23rd in the AP poll? Because some Bowling Green students want to be on T.V.? Or maybe because the rest of the town will be there?

People bought tickets for all kinds of reasons and we at The BG News do not want to speculate why any individual bought a ticket.

We don’t seriously think everyone bought a ticket to be on television or to meet Kirk Herbstriet, although a few probably did simply to be in his presence.

We do, however, have something to say to all those people who sat on the phone for tickets or stood in line.

On Saturday you will be a part of BG history; and that memory has the potential to be one of the best in our college experience.

Can you remember the last time so many students came together supporting one cause? (Obviously to support our Falcons, not to meet the GameDay crew.)

Have you felt this much unity on our campus before? If so, great! But we’re not sure this feeling is one that is felt on a regular basis. Isn’t it something to get excited about? We think it is.

So our advice is — enjoy it. Get excited about it this week. Also, we could try to apply it to other parts of our lives here at the University.

This game is uniting us.

In many ways this campus is segregated, and lines are drawn.

Cultural groups hang out together; minority groups hang out together; Greek groups hang out together and members of clubs hang out together.

The lines are there, but on Saturday they don’t have to be.

On Saturday we will all be there together, sitting next to each other, enjoying the festivities and cheering for our team. Because on Saturday we are all FALCON FANS.

Who knows when this connecting factor will become relevent again — one that is undeniable and very much detectable.

We should take advantage of it while the feeling is still overwhelming our little community.

If you didn’t get tickets and aren’t one of the first 9,000 students through the gates don’t forget you can still be part of that unity.

Show your support by wearing our school colors, watching the game with your friends at home or hanging outside the Doyt.

Either way, be a part of it.

So when the ESPN vans show up, and the cameras roll, let’s show them we are united and that the Huskies are going to go home disappointed.