Parties prepare for debate on Sunday

Over the past several weeks, I have watched the political events on campus unfolding with what could only be called glee. As a political science major, I am saddened that so many college students, and Americans for that matter, think their vote does not count. In the 2000 Presidential Election, we learned two important things: always make sure to follow directions\ and everyone’s vote matters.

This weekend, an important event will take place in our area (and no, it doesn’t involve ESPN, although that is important as well). I am referring to the Democratic Presidential Debate which will take place Sunday night. While few will see the debate in person, Fox News (a “fair and balanced” media outlet) will air the debate for everyone not in attendance to enjoy (Please check your local listings).

BGSU College Democrats will be in Detroit on Sunday to attend a rally before the debate. You might remember the College Democrats as the organization on campus that registered the most new voters for the upcoming election.

This, however, isn’t an ad for the College Democrats. Nor am I trying to put down the College Republicans, although there is an endless debate over which political party loves America more. The Republicans take shots at the Democrats and say they “hate America.” The CSP recently published an entire “zine” (if you will) bashing the liberals on campus and in our country. Many Democrats think the Republicans only care about themselves or big business. Many Democrats don’t agree with the actions of our President. But in the end, no matter our party lines, we are all Americans.

While the debate this Sunday night is a very important event, Nov. 4, 2003, is a much more important day. Although it is not a Presidential election year, it is nevertheless still your right and responsibility as an American to vote. No matter your party affiliation, let your voice be heard on Election Day. Spend some time in advance and do some research to make yourself an informed voter. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Amanda Dlugiewicz