Do’s and Don’ts for new students

Freshmen from all walks of life come to this campus, and they begin a journey, a journey of self discovery, but many do not know what to expect or who to talk to about any problems or anxieties that they may have. Many freshmen will feel homesick, lost without a cause. But they should not be scared, there is help in advice from people who have been there, people like me. I have been on this campus for four years, and next year will be my last. There have been great moments and moments that I wish I could forget, but all memories will help mold a person into what they will become once they venture into the real world. Therefore, I will lend my advice, my knowledge as the new class of freshmen begin to embark on their college journey.

First, eveyone is used to hearing the go to class, join an organization and make new friends advice, but mine is different. It allows a sense of adventure and helps to ensure that your freshmen year will be one to remember. One piece of advice every new student should know is to always, always wear sandals in the shower. The shower is used by every person in your residence hall, and do you really want their nasty feet where your feet are? There are all kinds of fungus and diseases that you can get. Also, some people may say they do not do it, but people do pee in the shower. I know from experience, and it is disgusting. Now ask yourself, do you really want to be stepping in pee? No, I do not think so. Second, go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Cla-Zel in downtown Bowling Green. It is an experience that everyone must have before they graduate. It is an experience that you will never forget, but remember that, when you go, do not be scared, they will not hurt you. Third, find the Franklin Park Mall in Toledo for all of you shopping fanatics, the Bowling Green mall is okay, but if you are looking for more variety, it is in Toledo. Also, Airport Highway is great for your shopping needs.

Next, on a serious note, if you are at a party, and you have a drink, do not under any circumstances leave it unattended. All people have a natural instinct to trust others, but some people abuse that trust and put drugs in drinks, which could leave a person in a bad situation. Also, go home sometimes. It is okay to get homesick, I know I did and parents will appreciate you being home for a little while.

Additionally, get a planner, this way you will be able to put all of your homework, social, work and additional activities in the planner to keep everything organized. Finally, learn how to say “NO” — it will make your life much easier. You will want to do everything and see everything, but you may not have all the time to get everything done. Also, do not forget the advice such as do not procrastinate, go to the sporting events and workout. The freshman 15, 20 or 30 is not something that you will enjoy. Lastly, remember to enjoy yourself, your freshman year in college only comes once, but the memories will last a lifetime.