Personal training offered for a fee

The student recreational center offers a way to burn off extra pounds that you may want to loose, but it comes at a cost. How many students will pay for another service at the University where they already pay for so many things?

Some students might take advantage of the personal training program at the student recreational center. However, it would be just as easy to go to the rec with a friend to work out versus paying a fee to work out with another undergraduate student who might know a little more about nutrition and weight loss because they have taken a class.

It’s good that the rec center is offering this program, but don’t they get enough money from students as it is?

The University must think that college students have money trees growing in their back yards, because why else would they have these high fees for the training programs after students already pay for tuition, meal plans, room and board, books and every other necessity of college life.

Full-time students are able to use the equipment at the rec anytime it is open as long as they have their student IDs with them.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason why they would pay to have someone work out with them when they can just bring a friend along to spot them.

In any case, the rec is offering these personal trainers for high fees.

Many of the rec’s programs, such as the kickboxing, aerobics and other workout activities are at no added cost. Why should this service be any different? People are still giving up their time to teach the classes that are offered, yet they are free of charge.

It’s bad enough that there is a tuition hike each year and that there seems to be more extra costs that people have to pay to go to college. So, why should we have to pay for a personal trainers?

One would expect with as much money as the University gets from each student that they would be able to afford a personal trainer for each person on campus and still have money left over to make improvements.

It makes no sense. Why does the University think they should be able to charge students for every service they offer?

It is getting to the point where the University is squeezing students out of of every nickel and dime. They charge for almost everything they offer and it is time they give us some things for free. College is expensive enough without having to pay for a personal trainer.

Just bring a friend to the rec and you’ll be fine.

There is no need to pay extra fees when there is a simple solution — just bring a friend.