McCarthy Junior

Liberals hate America. Liberals are Terrorists. Liberals are going to destroy the American way of life. Blah. Blah. Blah. We have all heard these sorts of remarks from the conservative right.

Recently, there was an article published in the BG News comparing liberals to Communists. The term “McCarthyism” comes to mind. I too knew people in high school with rather extreme political views. “Matt” was a white supremacist back in the day. Now, “Matt” is just really conservative. I never really thought of labeling the entire Republican Party as being a group of white supremacists though. That would be irrational and baseless.

The author of this went on to attack the leading Democratic Presidential candidate, Howard Dean. Considering how random and pointless the said article was, it’s hard for me to be sure, but I think the author was eluding that Howard Dean is a Socialist, or a Communist, or Jacks best friend…something like that. I don’t know Jack, but I know Howard Dean is neither a Socialist nor a Communist. The author didn’t give any of the reasoning that backs his opinion because there is no backing for his opinion. It is understandable that Republicans are scared of Howard Dean.

He is a fighter, he is popular, and he is going to be President in just over a year. Should conservative extremists let their fears bring in a new wav of McCarthyism, though? I won’t go into detail about Howard Dean’s record, because all the great things to be said would take up too much room. Instead, I suggest the author and anyone who has questions about Howard Dean, especially people who want to take our country back, come to a Generation Dean meeting sometime. Meetings are every Tuesday at 7:00 in BA 115. After all, if you are going to attack someone you might as well know what he stands for.

Ryan M. Earhart

[email protected]