There is hatred in the sidewalk chalkings

I, like many other University students, pay attention to the sidewalk chalkings on my way to my classes. The information learned from these colorful advertisements is usually appreciated. I know that if it wasn’t for the hard work that organizations put into advertising their programs, I would not know about a lot of the events happening around campus. Yesterday, however, I saw a sidewalk chalking outside the Education building that made me stop in my tracks. The message read, “Hate Liberals? We Do!” It was followed by contact information for the infamous BGSU College Republicans.

I am deeply offended that any group on campus would advertise their organization by expressing hate toward another group. Hate is such a strong and demeaning word and the fact that anyone feels the need to use it makes me wonder what kind of world we are living in today.

The University has been working hard over the past few years to diversify campus and teach tolerance along side of that. By writing, “Hate Liberals? We Do!” the College Republicans have expressed that everything the University has been trying to teach has not penetrated the views of College Republicans. As a student leader on campus, I feel that I, as well as other student leaders, must be a role model and stand up for what is right and disprove what is wrong.

Stating that a group on campus hates another group is wrong, and I feel that it is my duty to stand up and protest this message. I am ashamed that I must live on this campus and participate in organizations alongside the College Republicans and any other group that promotes hate.

Hate is not something to be proud of, and it is unfortunate that an organization can find pride in it. This degrading message from the College Republicans is still legible today. I am hoping for rain to come and erase the horrifying hatred that this university has been subjected to.

Ashlee Rauckhorst