Rapper to be a star

Who is King Gordy? Well he describes himself as hip hop with a rock and roll twist, the ghetto Edgar Allen Poe. King Gordy started his rap carrier in Detroit with his relentless style of story telling rap. The first single called “The Pain” shows off King Gordys abilities while he raps over a catchy piano tune.

King Gordys first big break came when he landed a small role in Eminem’s movie 8 Mile playing the rapper “Big-O”. Eminem also helped with the production of The Entity. Obie Trice makes an appearance on track five, “Situations”, and Bizzar of D12 lends a hand on track eight, “Time To Die”.

Many of the lyrics on The Entity deal with horrific stories and depression. King Gordys appearance includes two strands of braided hair sticking up like devil horns, and he happens to weigh over 300 pounds. This is King Gordys first album, and if Eminem can help his carrier half as much as Dr. Dre did his, then he should be the next big rap star in no time. This Fall King Gordy will be on tour with D12.