MXPX matures

MXPX has debuted yet another new album with a slightly more mature and dare I say, put together sound. Before Everything and After is the band’s 10th album and it sounds like it, even the cover of the album looks a bit sexy (to me anyway). It is not something you would expect from a band like MXPX.

Like most punk bands nowadays, and even stretching back a full ten years ago, these guys will remind you of Blink 182 and Green Day, appealing to the younger crowds and those who like to mosh.

So, it’s hard to believe they have been doing this for nine years. ou may have seen these punk-rock/skater guys at the Vans Tour some summer ago, but now they are doing bigger and better things with their (cross your fingers) upcoming mainstream fame.

If you visit their Web site,, you will find that not only do they have a creative page designer, but their music has been attached to everything from a Public Service Announcement about drugs to the 25th anniversary edition of “National Lampoon’s Animal House.”

This new album, Before Everything and After uses the same formula that has worked for MXPX and other punk bands for years, they sing about love, authority and life just plain old sucking.

But, unless they completely tried to change their sound, MXPX album’s will probably all sound alike in some way or another.

Tracks such as “Everything Sucks (When You’re Gone)” and “You Make Me, Me,” seem overly sentimental when you read the lyrics, but the drums and sound of lead vocals, make these punk anthems about the girl in your life.

To be quite honest, I wouldn’t read the lyrics before listening to the album. Don’t even take the insert out, just sit back and enjoy another CD that won’t grow old with age, only the band members will.

– Angela L. Gorter