Curtains open for Theatre season

The Department of Theatre and Film will kick off their fall season Thursday with the University’s own rendition of “Over the River ‘ Through the Woods.” This season promises to be full of fun, intrigue and mystery that the young and old can enjoy and learn from.

Other upcoming productions to take the stage include: “Fiddler of the Roof,” “Antigone,” “Times Square Angel” and the dark “The Laramie Project.”

“We try to bring diverse and educational programs not only to the students, but also to the city,” Shaun Moorman, business and production manager of the Department of Theatre and Film said.”We want to make it possible for [the community and campus] to enjoy live theatre.”

Although many of the productions this season will be suitable for all ages, those plays featured in the Joe E. Brown Theatre will focus on more mature subjects. Take for example the title of February’s productions, “Dutchman” and “Sally’s Rape,” two one-act performances chosen to deliver strong messages and provoke challenging questions.

Another such production, “The Laramie Project,” Moorman said, “is a very incredible piece. It is a story about diversity issues that are relevant and important subject matter for a campus of our size.” An interesting tidbit about this production is that the book is a required reading for UNIV 100 courses, making it more worthwhile for students to see the play.

The cast of each show ranges from seasoned veterans, to new- comers who are not even theatre majors or students. The production, “Times Square Angel,” in particular, showcases the raw talent of an incredible cast.

“The casting calls are open to the community and the campus,” Moorman said. “The craft of theatre is a very personal craft … it is something you have to develop internally.”

As a result of featuring more popular shows, such as “Fiddler on the Roof,” Moorman suggests that patrons buy and reserve their tickets in advance of each showing.

Tickets are available at the University box office in University Hall or by calling 419-372-2222.

The first performance of “Over the River ‘ Through the Woods,” is next Thursday at 8 p.m. and runs through Sunday the 28th with a showing at 2 p.m.

Try-outs for the spring season begin in October.