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November 30, 2023

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Some Christians use faith for power, money

Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” has earned an estimated $100 million (minus the $25 million production cost) since its release last Wednesday. The money will go to charity, right? Probably not.

I believe this is another case of a businessman using his Christianity to make money. I’m sure that Gibson truly believes in the project as well as its importance to his faith. However, it seems that his wallet will benefit as much as his peace of mind. Gibson is not the only one to gain riches from the Bible’s teachings. Pat Robertson is the leader of the Christian Coalition, a far-right wing organization consisting of over 1.2 million members. Robertson is also the host of the TV show “The 700 Club” as well as a previous presidential candidate. Robertson’s net worth is estimated to be between $200 million to $1 billion.

Robertson systematically exploits poor Christians out of their hard-earned money by promising healing and intervention from God —- as long as a donation is made. Robertson once pledged $7 million to aid refugees fleeing Rwanda. He gave only $1.2 million from his pocket and raised several more millions through an emotional telethon.

The funds were supposed to be used to purchase airplanes to transport medical supplies to the refugee camps. With the exception of one flight, the aircrafts purchased in “Operation Blessing,” hauled equipment to diamond mines in another part of Africa. The mining corporation is owned by Robertson.

Still, the most famous and arguably most powerful Christian in the world is George W. Bush.

Here is a man who claimed to have found Christ after studying of the Bible with a close friend several years ago, yet constantly contradicts Christianity with his policies and actions. Bush has done nothing for the poor of this country and, though not a Christian myself, I understand that helping the poor a main point of this belief system.

I have seen my Christian friends offer their time and money to help the less fortunate but Bush has provided them with less funding for social programs and education as well as deceptively saddling them with more tax burdens. Let’s not forget the Medicare issues and a war responsible for several thousand deaths that may not have been necessary.

I think the most compelling piece of evidence against Bush’s transformation from “sinner” to “saved,” would be the case of Karla Faye Tucker.

Tucker was a Texas death row inmate who, like Bush, had found Christ mid-life. Religious leaders and Bush-backers like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and even the Pope (not a Bush-backer), Pleaded for her life.

During an interview with conservative reporter Tucker Carlson for Talk Magazine, Bush snaps “No,” at Carlson for asking whether he had met with any of Karla Tucker’s supporters before her execution. Bush then made fun of Larry King, who had interviewed Tucker while she was still on death row, for asking questions like: “What would you say to Governor Bush?” Bush answers for her, “Please,” Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, “don’t kill me.”

A compassionate conservative? A loving Christian? To highlight his shadiness, Bush suddenly took a somber tone in his interview with Carlson after mocking the woman he sent to death a year earlier, “It’s tough stuff,” Bush remarked.

My main concern is that Christians will re-elect Bush just because he claims to be one of them. I’m also concerned that Hollywood will start churning out controversial religious movies because of the success of “The Passion of the Christ.” Or that Robertson will continue to lead one of the most influential and powerful groups in the country under a lie that he cares about anything but the balance in his checkbook.

Christianity is about faith. Well Christians, reaffirm your faith by looking closely at President Bush’s actions and how he (mis)represents himself. Also, think long and hard about whether you need to see a movie when you’ve already read the book.

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