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November 30, 2023

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Anger understood, so let it all out now

Great. Four more years of a crazy man running the country. Morality is being legislated. Four more years until freedom. Rednecks should secede from the Union again. Screw you guys — I’m going to Canada.

Sound familiar?

It’s all I’ve been hearing on campus since Wednesday morning, when President Bush won the election. Like it or not, he will have three years to improve the country.

Three. Not four.

This first year will be filled with more hatred, frustration and angst because Democrats did not get their man elected.

It’s prevalent on all of our away messages. Look at your friends’ profiles and see just how many of them are outraged.

It’s prevalent at Ohio University. Students in Athens celebrating Bush’s re-election were egged, flashed and struck by people who obviously didn’t vote for Bush.

Young America — which heavily favored Kerry — is recovering from the fact that Dubya got the popular vote this time. If they can survive hangovers, they will survive this.

But it will take one year.

One year is the time frazzled liberals will use to turn to song-and-dance men like Michael Moore and Eminem for support.

One year is the estimated time it will take to officially become a Canadian citizen. Reuters reports Canadian officials warn “disgruntled Democrats” not to expect a fast path to citizenship.

One year is the time it will take for John Kerry’s concession speech to set into their heads. When Kerry admitted defeat, he also called to his supporters to work together with their opponents to work towards a common goal. A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll says 57 percent of Americans share this optimism. Thirty-nine percent say the nation will stay divided.

The youth movement — actually, the collective of all frustrated persons — can be likened to a 15-year old girl. People are screaming that Bush is the worst president in the history of America. Can you picture it?

“Bush is the worst President ever! When I turn 18 I am soooo out of here!” (Runs to room, slams door.) “I’m never coming out! Never!”

They’ll be back in a year. Teenagers are all talk.

The grief is understood, and Bush supporters must see that Kerry supporters are ever-present in BG. (Living with two such people, I know this too well.)

Hope should not be lost, because look at Tuesday: Democracy worked. The election was decided by the voters, not the courts. We withstood long hours and skirted previous obligations to have our voice heard.

And it was heard, because only 3.5 million more people voted for Bush. Here in Ohio, the difference — taking into consideration uncounted provisional ballots — will be around six figures.

That’s close, and there’s no need to fret over reckless partisan legislation. It won’t happen.

Republican Sen. Arlen Specter urged Bush not to do this. Since the margin of victory was by a pair of percentage points, smart politics will drive Bush to working together with the donkeys of D. C. and help America.

Everyone agrees the nation needs more high-paying jobs and better education. The crux of the frustration comes through Bush’s hard stances on controversial issues, and his reasoning stems from morality.

As students, we tend to dwell on controversial issues — stem-cell research, abortion, gay marriage and pre-emptive military action — and often drown in ideology, sometimes forgetting the big picture. The majority of problems in America lie not in “wedge issues,” but rather in the no-brainer agenda: increasing the standard of living.

In his acceptance speech, Bush spoke to Kerry voters: “To make this nation stronger and better I will need your support, and I will work to earn it. I will do all I can do to deserve your trust.”

Bush may be against stem-cell research and gay marriage, but his vision — futile without bi-partisan support — will be tested in the next four years.

Will it work?

Maybe. But don’t dismiss it right away. Or even a year from now.

That passion you used to voice your opinion this past Tuesday should not be lost just because the outcome didn’t fall in your favor. Holding a grudge because one doesn’t get their way is something that 15-year-old girl would do.

And if you have seriously given up on America, consider investing in a Maple Leafs jacket and get in line.

E-mail Matt with comments at [email protected].

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