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Bush win saddens and inspires

Call me a sore loser. But I don’t want unification of the two sides. We all know which side would have to do all the compromising.

With control of Congress, Supreme Court and of course the presidency, Republicans have no reason — other than the best interests of the country — to work with the Democrats.

The White House has said as much. In a statement released Wednesday, they said they viewed this victory as a mandate to move ahead aggressively with their agenda.

They have no fear and rightly so. Bush is in his final term, Cheney will not pursue the presidency in 2008, many members of the cabinet will be reaching the end of the careers, including Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld.

Of course, for the good name of the party, they can’t be too extremist. Wrong.

By reelecting George Bush, this time with the popular vote, we have validated all his previous actions. His (mis)handling of the economy, his foreign policy, his refusal to seriously address health care, his secrecy — all have been justified in the eyes of the American constituency.

If people can except what he has done thus far, it’s not a stretch to believe that when a well-known Republican runs again, the sins will be washed away.

I am holding out hope that this will signify the end of both major parties.

The Democrats have proved themselves incapable of running campaigns.

Social security and Bush’s plans to privatize it were not mentioned enough to win over sufficient numbers of the elderly.

They always played Bush’s game, national security. By adding to the acceptance of fear as the number one issue of the election, they did a disservice not only to their chances to win, but also to the psyche of the American public.

But issues of fear and national security were not the deciding factor, it was moral issues.

Shame on you, Christian voters. How dare you legislate your morality for the rest of us. Not everyone subscribes to your beliefs and not everyone thinks that they will make the world better, certainly not by asking us to trust Bush.

You want to fight to protect life? Abolish the death penalty, which Bush favors. He actually set the record for most executions by a governor during his tenure in Texas.

You want to protect innocent life? Don’t start unnecessary wars. Maybe more importantly stop supporting brutal regimes worldwide.

You want clean living? Bush is the first president to enter the office with a criminal record. Even if he has turned his life around, he avoided jail because of his name. Others don’t have that opportunity, but he doesn’t advocate treatment for drug offenders instead of prison.

Issue 1 passed easily in Ohio thanks to you. Civil rights have been set back for all unmarried couples because you are so scared of homosexuals.

I could at least see the reason for denying rights to someone else if you personally gained, but we all know that’s not the case. I seriously doubt Jesus would be happy with you all promoting hate and not love, no matter how unnatural you think it is.

For the actions you have endorsed in this election, I will never forgive your community.

Even so, I hope that the you will recognize the future misdeeds of the Republican party and vote accordingly.

Personally, I have not lost all hope but I know a lot of people have. The youth vote did not come out in the numbers many were expecting, that’s a place to start.

I want to help set the example and keep the discourse flowing by asking people to get involved, myself included.

Members or founders of organizations of the liberal (not affiliated with the Democratic party) persuasion on campus please send me information so that I may do my part.

I want to thank all the students on campus who did more than just vote to remove Bush from power. It was not in vain and it definitely isn’t your fault. The respect I have for you and your work is a hundred-fold that which I will ever have for some punk opinion writer. I know others feel the same way.

Thank you.

Please send all info to [email protected]

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