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Letters to the Editor: October 27, 2004

Army contains soldiers from every social class

I am a veteran of the U.S. Army and the father of U.S. Air Force 2nd Lt. Amanda Shumaker (BGSU 2004 grad). I took offense to an article written by Matt Stevens and published in the October 25, 2004 BG News.

In his article, he wrote, “wars in nation are fought by the lower class” and “those who join ROTC are typically those who cannot afford to pay for school otherwise.”

I have personally worked with both the Air Force and Army ROTC programs here at BGSU and can attest to this being untrue. These fine cadets use words like “Service Before Self,” “Duty, Honor, Country” and “Leadership Excellence.” The cadets are not looking for a free education, but instead have a true desire to serve their country.

Before you write concerning a subject that you know nothing about, I would suggest you take a military science class to educate yourself on the matter.



Democrats do not back civil rights consistently

The Democratic Party, for the most part, has criticized the war in Iraq and stood against it. Do you see the contradiction there? Not many do.

One of the Democratic Party’s highest ideals is that those in positions of power and privilege should help those in need. Yet this same party opposes the war in Iraq. Is there a better example of people using their power and privilege to help make better the lives of those in need?

The Democratic Party supports the right for women to choose an abortion and abort their baby, but the Iraqi’s right to choose their own government was not worth sacrificing for?

Maybe it’s the cost of life that holds the liberals back from supporting this war, but, then again abortion doesn’t make much sense then either. According to the National Governments last collection of national abortion statistics in 2000, there were 1,313,000 babies lost that year alone in contrast to the 1,102 US military fatalities since March of 2003.

The Democratic Party is also a large supporter of women’s rights and equality, but have they forgotten about the lack of female political voice in Iraq? Have they forgotten the number of women raped and killed by the Saddam’s two sons?

Shouldn’t it have been the Democratic Party who supported this war from the beginning and kept supporting even as it got rough?

Aren’t all beautiful things such as Iraqi Democracy going to take time and hard work? Does Democratic compassion end with the borders of the United States?

Martin Luther King said that, “Freedom has always been an expensive thing.” The civil rights movement did not happen in a day and it did not go without sacrifice either. Shouldn’t it be the Democratic Party at the head of the ‘Iraqi Civil Rights Movement’?



Whose fault for lack of education funding?

This letter is in response to Matt Seckel’s guest column in Tuesday’s paper. He said “This statement outlines the underlying theory of the Democratic platform; if something is not working, throw more money at it.” If you took the time to read the Democratic platform, Matt, you would know that John Kerry and John Edwards stand for reformation of the system, much like George and the Republicans.

The comment directed towards education is an accurate statement. There isn’t enough money to fund No Child Left Behind. If anything, calling for the money necessary to fund the mandate is merely calling for fiscal responsibility. Is that something only Republicans are supposed to have?

You mention that Democrats want to fund social security “at the expense of tax-paying younger generations.” The war in Iraq has cost this country over $140 billion with more still needed. Younger generations of tax payers will be paying for George Bush’s decision to attack Iraq. Why fault the Democrats for wanting to help our children and our elderly here at home by accurately funding programs they need?



Moore protestors news story lacked objectivity

While I am often impressed with the balance of your reporting, I’d have to say that I was a bit disappointed with the biases presented in your article detailing the protests over Michael Moore’s recent visit to the Seagate Center. What makes Moore a controversial figure is the how what he says brings up honest debate.

It’s debatable whether Moore presents full truths in his film, yet your article seems to accept without question the College Republicans’ claims that Moore is a deceiver. I think that whether Moore has “deceived” in his films is a valid question, one to which you should try your best to provide both sides. But when Ms. Hoesman claims that pamphlets were handed out “detailing the many deceits” found in Mr. Moore’s film, she accepts these “deceits” as fact rather than a point of contention. It is in the subtleties of language that bias is shown, and while this would have been fine on the Opinion page, it seems inappropriate as a front page “News” article.

Especially is a time like this with a very important election approaching, Ms. Housman and the editors have an obligation to provide fair unbalanced reporting. Save the bias for the Opinion page where it belongs.



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