Every Vote Counts’ informs readers on voting in up-coming election

Julie Restivo and Julie Restivo

‘Jane Doe’ has strong opinions about protecting the environment, allowing same-sex marriage and keeping taxes low. She may be a non-partisan voter but she is passionate about the issues. Confused, she turns to Chris Katsaropoulos’ “Every Vote Counts,” to help her decide how to vote.

“Every Vote Counts” is a practical guide to choosing the next president. It features three chapters on each of the three candidates; President Bush, John Kerry and Ralph Nader. The chapters include how they got to where they are today and their positions on major issues.

Katsaropoulos has written more than a dozen trade books and textbooks, including, “Learning the Internet Business.” He has worked as an editor and product manager for major trade and textbook companies, including Mcgraw-Hill and Scott Foresman.

“I think many Americans, like myself four years ago, either are confused by the political process, or take it for granted,” Katsaropoulos said.

Katsaropoulos realized how confused American citizens were after the election in 2000. He presents clear, concise information on how the presidential election process works. He explains how many electoral votes each state can cast and what the registration and voting regulations are in each state.

Included in “Every Vote Counts,” is a sampling of sound bites from the three major candidates discussing their views on abortion, the economy, Iraq, terrorism, education and gay marriage.

Katsaropoulos helps readers find out what affects the media, political action committees and campaign strategists have in getting a candidate elected and how you can get to the truth behind it.

He remains unbiased throughout the book while presenting the facts so readers are able to reach their own political conclusions.

“My hope for this book is that readers will head to the polls on November 2, 2004, and that they’ll do so with confidence in their voting decisions,” Katsaropoulos said.