Football wideouts showing depth this season

Being a number three receiver can be tough.

The one and two receivers get all the reps in practice, all the touches during the game and all the glory after the game.

But on BG’s football team, there is no such thing as a third receiver.

Everyone gets a fair shake and that was evident against Central Michigan Saturday.

Cole Magner led the wide receivers with nine catches for 113 yards while Charles Sharon (five catches, 60 yards), Cornelius McGrady (three, 52, touchdown) and James Hawkins (three, 26).

“I have confidence in all my receivers,” BG quarterback Omar Jacobs said. “I don’t think of any of the receivers as better or worse than any of the others. I can go with Steve [Sanders], Chuck or Cole.”

Sanders was the one who benefited most from Jacobs’ faith in his receivers. The junior wideout, who is normally the third or fourth receiver on the depth chart, caught six balls for 107 yards and three touchdowns.

“Usually going in we have set plays,” Sanders said. “We see what is open and as the game went on I got open.”

Sanders is starting for his second year now, and has begun to play like a veteran of many years. And being on a team full of veterans who have won the MAC West and a bowl game doesn’t hurt either.

“There’s no pressure,” Sanders said. “We have a lot of playmakers on the team. I know everyone on the team can make plays.”

For Sanders, this has become commonplace. Two weeks ago against Temple, he finished with five catches for 103 yards and a touchdown. The game was Sanders’ first 100 yard game of his career and helped him put up the big numbers that has garnered him extra attention from defenses.

On the year, he has 20 catches for a team-leading 345 yards and four touchdowns.

Sanders first touchdown grab Saturday didn’t occur until the second quarter when he snagged a 25-yarder from Jacobs and followed that up six minutes later with a 16-yard touchdown pass.

He continued his dominating day on a fade route in the corner of the endzone, giving the Falcons a decisive 28-7 lead that put the game out of reach.

The last catch came on a picture perfect pass from Jacobs, whom Sanders gives much credit to for his catches.

“Omar made some great throws,” Sanders said. “It just so happened that I came back and made the catches.”

But Sanders’ day wasn’t flawless. On a drive late in the fourth quarter, Jacobs again found Sanders in the endzone but this time Sanders let the high throw slip throw his hands.

“He should’ve caught that last one,” Jacobs said smiling.

Hey, he can’t be perfect, but he sure can come close.