Letters to the Editor: October 6, 2004

Guest Columnist and Guest Columnist

Discrimination should not be condoned by U.

Do we really need a task force to determine that conditions for LGBT people are unacceptable at Bowling Green State University? The University openly sanctions inequitable treatment of LGBT people. Don’t believe it? Consider this: the University’s official nondiscrimination policy in the Student Handbook acknowledges that outside organizations who have a relationship with the University can discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. The University’s policy states that it will tolerate discrimination from “outside organizations including the federal government, the military and ROTC” (p. 43). This is truly a stunning display of doublethink and doublespeak on the University’s part.

Additionally, the University does not provide benefits to unmarried domestic partners. This means that even though I have been an employee of BGSU since 1990, my partner of 20 years has no access to health benefits nor has she ever had access to these partner benefits during all my years of employment at the University. Instead, she currently pays over $4000 a year for health insurance. Were I to marry a man tomorrow, he would be eligible immediately for benefits as my spouse. The discriminatory practice seems rather obvious, doesn’t it?

The Administration should not insult us all with more task forces and committee studies. Instead, BGSU should make a commitment to a genuine policy of nondiscrimination which treats LGBT students, staff, faculty and administrators as respected members of the BGSU family.




Flyer in paper was dishonest, made threats

I am appalled that you included the flyer from Downtown Democracy as an insert in Monday’s paper. This flyer preys on the worst fears of college-aged students and was, in my opinion, a dishonest representation of the current status ofthe possibility of adraft.

Although the small print states that this flyer is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee, I consider ityet another scare tactic from members of the Democratic party. America hashistorically supported freedom from tyrants and members of both parties, including the current Democratic candidate for president,voted forour current actions.

Yet as election time draws near, those same candidates — forgetting our own country’s history — now say it is the wrong war at the wrong time in the wrong place and blame our President for having the courage to stand up and fight for fellow human beings. Where would we be now if the powers of the world had not stood up to tyrants such as Hitler in the past and instead retreated into the comforts of their own homelands? What happens to one affects us all eventually. And so we as a country chose to fight for the oppressed with the knowledge that, making their world a better place, also makes ours safer.

IfDowntown Democracy had chosento set up a table in the open areas of campus to distribute their literature, I would have agreed with their freedom of speech right to do so. But I do not agree that it wasprudent to include it as part of theBG News.



Nuisance laws should prompt students to vote

The current controversies concerning Bowling Green’s zoning and nuisance party ordinances can serve as lesson in why it’s important for students to vote. Students’ opinions will naturally carry more weight with city officials if such students are registered to vote in Wood County, and if they regularly take part in local elections. Therefore, students should be sure to find out how the various local officials measure up in regards to students’ concerns, and then vote accordingly on November 2nd.

By the way, the ballot will also list candidates for president of the United States. Students should vote for the presidential candidate who best represents their own interests, as well as those of the nation and of the world.