Gerovac mixes variety of sounds

Brian Pauline and Brian Pauline

Some musicians have trouble adapting to the constant touring of a young and hungry artist. For Matt Gerovac life has always been about being on the road.

Born and raised in Florida, Gerovac grew up in tropical surroundings. As a young man he was heavily influenced by the Caribbean music that was popular in the area.

“I come from a musically diverse background. My parents were both musicians,” Gerovac said. “They left the choice up to me, but it was almost a birthright.”

Collaborating with ethnically diverse musicians, Gerovac leads the funk, soul and groove sounds of the band that carries his name. The band’s drummer, Phillip Torres, is Irish and Puerto Rican and bassist Deyampert Giles, is African-American.

The band hails from Cleveland and has played clubs, bowling alleys and bars since 2003. Gerovac draws his style and inspiration musically from Bob Marley, Jeff Buckley, Bill Withers and Jack Johnson.

“I like people that go beyond music and actually use music as a platform, not only political views but how to conduct themselves,” Gerovac said.

With this in mind the Matt Gerovac Implosion offers audiences a fun time and good music. He looks forward to the engaging crowds, and plays off their energy.

Although this type of music tends to attract one type of audience, Gerovac does not want his music to be labeled into and one particular genre. “I’d like to say that soul doesn’t have to sound a certain way. We’ve opened up for a lot of different types of bands,” Gerovac said. “I guess because our sound isn’t easily pigeonholed.”

The Matt Gerovac Implosion has opened for funk/soul acts such as The String Cheese Incident, Ekoostik Hookah, Tim Reynolds, Bernie Worrell ‘ the Woo Warriors and Freekbase.

The Matt Gerovac Implosion will be performing at The Village Idiot in Maumee, Ohio tonight at 10 p.m.