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April 11, 2024

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Moore receives unfair attacks

Why can’t we have one?

It’s not fair. There’s Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, etc. But they won’t let us have Michael Moore without trying to destroy him.

C’mon at least he’s an artist, the aforementioned are just angry talking heads. Some will argue that he’s on the same shameful level as the others, but none will argue that they are as effective. But if you think he is just a propaganda artist, then let the left have him, you’ve got yours.

Michael Moore was at the SeaGate Centre in “the Flint of Ohio” as he called it, on Monday night. He was joined on stage by former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello who had some insight as to why they try to censor his films, books and even the 60-city Slacker Uprising Tour.

“They are not afraid of Michael Moore, they are afraid of you,” Morello said.

I don’t agree with everything Michael Moore does or says but I hardly think that’s reason not to like him.

Sure, apparently he feels pity and contempt for a man I greatly admire, Ralph Nader. “All of us feel very sorry for Ralph. He’s striking a match to his legacy,” Moore said. Mike, this is his legacy.

Giving voters an option even though those normally likely to vote for him will not is exactly what Nader should be doing. Every year that an election is close, democracy should be crippled? In Fahrenheit 9/11 he used journalist Greg Palast’s research on voter disenfranchisement in Florida, which clearly cost Gore the election in 2000. It appears to me that more people still think of Nader as the spoiler of the 2000 election than believe what Palast reported in Florida.

Moore did say he planned on splitting time on election day between here and Florida.

He also focused on November 2, but made little reference to November 3, though to his credit Morello did.

My chief concern is that all the interest and fervor will dissipate after the election, especially if Kerry wins. There is a lot of work to do and a lot of promises Kerry must be held accountable for.

One final disagreement I have with Moore, and Puff Daddy for that matter, is the pressuring of voters to cast their ballots though they have no idea what they are voting for. Sure, it’s a safe bet to never vote Republican since they do nothing for you, unless you got money for $2000 a plate fund raising dinners.

To me, it’s just another form of manipulation. Know what you are voting for, so that when this politician fails or someone else two, four or six years down the line tells you he/she has failed, the judgment will be yours.

Moore has been slandered for years, ever since “Roger and Me” came out. He’s next movie is going to be about the pharmaceutical and health care companies.

At the event on Monday he made reference to a memo pharmaceutical giant Pfizer sent out to its employees when they learned of Moore’s intentions. The memo concludes with “We’re not sure if he’s pro or con.” Big business doesn’t like him, that should be reason enough for you TO like him. Moore even included the number for Pfizer’s “Michael Moore Hotline”, in case he shows up to their offices. Here it is 212-573-1226. Moore asks that you say “He’s here, he’s in the building. Send reinforcements,” when they answer.

While O’Reilly is allegedly sexually harassing women at his workplace, practically admitting to the charge, and Limbaugh is an confessed pill-popper after years of saying that drug offenders should be given the maximum penalty among other baseless comments, Moore is now a wanted man.

In Michigan, Moore handed out underwear to young voters in exchange for their promise to vote on Tuesday. Republican leaders immediately claimed he was buying votes.

Could it be they are using the system to exact revenge on a man who has constantly shined the spotlight on their misdeeds?

No, they are just upholding the law, like Rush and Billy.

I must give Moore credit for not mentioning John Kerry as much as I expected.

I never liked that Moore has associated himself with the Democratic Party, but his visceral and understandable hatred of Bush has drawn him to do so as it will most likely make me on Tuesday.

Bush supporters were in the SeaGate Centre for the event. As Moore pointed out, they didn’t have to sign a n oath of loyalty, like at Bush rallies.

Maybe that’s why Bush did so poorly at the debates. He never puts himself in situations that are unfriendly and indeed at the first debate seemed shocked that Kerry was bad-mouthing him to his face.

Why does Disney try to stop Fahrenheit 9/11 from being released, because they don’t want to get involved in politics? Their answer would be reasonable, if they didn’t care Hannity’s hatemongering show on some of their radio stations. Why did some theatres refuse to show, what at least artistically, may be the best major documentary ever? Why don’t those right-wing propaganda monsters face the same obstacles?

When you take on money and power, that’s what you are up against and it’s not easy.

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