USA Today decision displays bias

Recently, USA Today had the bright idea to hire a right-wing conservative to cover the Democratic National Convention and an extreme left liberal to cover the Republican National Convention. It sounded like a creative idea, but the deal fell through.

Ann Coulter was the extreme conservative hired to cover the DNC. Coulter has authored three best-selling books, including “Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism.” She is best known for her syndicated column for the Universal Press Syndicate.

Michael Moore was the extreme liberal chosen to cover the RNC. He is best known for his controversial documentaries “Fahrenheit 9/11” and the Oscar-winning “Bowling for Columbine.”

Everything sounded fair enough, but when Coulter sent in her first piece to USA Today, the editors nixed it, finding it “unusable” and “not funny.”

After we did a quick read-through, we actually found it quite amusing and pretty darn funny.

But what we find most amusing is that even though USA Today chose not to run Coulter’s piece, they are still planning on running Michael Moore’s thoughts on the Republican Convention, according to the Drudge Report. What is disturbing about this is that the original plan was to have two extremes cover the opposing conventions. Coulter’s replacement, National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg, is not nearly as extreme a conservative as Moore is liberal.

Coulter and fellow conservatives are understandably upset over the quick change, most likely assuming USA Today has an agenda in mind.

“Apparently no one at USA Today has ever read Ann Coulter before!” Coulter said in response to USA Today’s negative comments about her column.

USA Today’s executive editor Brian Gallagher said that the decision was not an attempt to “censor” Coulter, but rather a result of a “difference of opinion over editing–words, voice, that sort of thing.”

It is obviously USA Today’s prerogative if they didn’t want to run Coulter’s column, and that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a liberal agenda in mind.

However, we believe that since they censored the extreme conservative coverage, then they should reconsider their choice of coverage for the Republican National Convention.

It is only fair to replace extreme liberal coverage with a more moderate viewpoint, if the same has been done with the extreme conservative coverage.

If USA Today does not want to be accused of being biased, they should search for less extreme liberals. We suggest former host of the TV show “Politically Incorrect” Bill Maher, who is known for his liberal views.