The Hartmans go to Boston

Russ Zimmer and Russ Zimmer

A Bowling Green couple chosen as delegates will be attending the Democratic National Convention in Boston later this month.

John K. “Jack” and Kay L. Hartman will attend as delegates from the 5th Congressional District, which includes Wood County, in Ohio for Sen. John Edwards (D., N.C.).

Jack Hartman is a professor of journalism at Central Michigan University and has a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree from BGSU. Kay Hartman is an education instructor and student teacher supervisor here at the University.

The Hartmans will support Sen. John Kerry on the first presidential nominating ballot.

They became delegates by filing the proper paperwork on time to become candidates for delegate spots for then-candidate Edwards. The couple then attended a caucus where people split into groups by candidates of choice.

A vote was taken in each group and the Hartmans were the top male and female vote-getters, making them eligible for delegate spots if Edwards received enough votes in the Ohio Democratic Primary. Edwards received two delegates from Ohio and the Hartmans will gladly fill both spots

As 2 out of the 4,353 delegates, the Hartmans will vote on the presidential nominee, the vice-presidential nominee and on various platform issues at the Democratic National Convention.

They hope that college students will take a special interest in this election.

“Get registered and vote, encourage friends to vote. Become more involved in the process,” Kay Hartman suggested.

They both stressed becoming more a part of the political process regardless of which party one chooses. They agree that the war in Iraq and economic problems should be more troubling to the youth.

“This is a pivotal election which may decide the future of the country,” Jack Hartman said. “Young people are going to have to work harder to create change.”

The Hartmans support Kerry because of his experience, both in politics and his military service.

“Kerry reflects values that many of us have,” said Jack Hartman.

Jack is a member of the Wood County Democratic Party executive committee and is a published author of two books.

Kay has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University. She has also been a member of the Children’s Resource Center board for the past 20 years and currently serves as its treasurer.

The Hartmans have been associated with the Democratic Party in one way or another for most of their adult lives and are concerned with the direction that President Bush is leading the country.

“There is danger of a real cultural war if Bush gets re-elected,” Jack Hartman said.

The Hartmans are pulling for Edwards to become Kerry’s choice for his vice president. They believe in Edwards’ positive message and that he can help Kerry win in Ohio and other battleground states.