Kerry scheduled to visit Bowling Green

The Wood County Democratic Party reported Monday that soon-to-be Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and running mate John Edwards will be visiting Bowling Green this Sunday as part of their “Believe in America” bus-train tour of the country.

The place and time of the visit have yet to be determined, and will be released to the public closer to the event date.

The Kerry campaign cites Wood County as an important swing area, noting that Bill Clinton’s victories hinged on Northwest Ohio votes.

In 2000, Vice President Gore narrowly lost Ohio and Wood County’s votes, which proved to be costly.

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Debate over stop-sign continues

Clough Street residents will be active tonight in a 7:00 meeting of the city traffic commission. The meeting will be held in council chambers. Items debated will include the reinstatement of a four-way stop at Campbell Hill Road and Clough Street.

Other issues to be considered include a restudy of pedestrian traffic in relation to stop signs on South College Drive and South Prospect Street, possible crosswalks at several intersections, and re-assessment of the Troup St. stop signs.

Speed enforcement will also be discussed.

The changes are an implimentation of a study by the Mannik ‘ Smith group, which was commissioned by the City. The group has offices in Maumee.

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