Corrections for Friday, October 1, 2004

The Bg News Staff and The Bg News Staff

On yesterday’s front page, in the article “Solar panels makes for cheaper power,” a source was used in error. Randy Sokoll, the name of the former director of the ice arena was used in place of the present director, Buddy Powers.

During the interview process, the reporter had not obtained the full name of the present director of the ice arena. After office hours, when the reporter realized the name was not given, an out-dated BGSU phone book was used to look up the name of the director of the ice arena.

Regretfully, Gordon R. (Randy) Sokoll died Dec. 31 of pancreatitis.

Buddy Powers, the new director was the original source for the quotes, though, his name was not used in the attribution.

Restaurant Opening

The restaurant, Ebony’s Ribs, Chicken and Seafood will have its grand opening celebration today. Co-owned by father and son, Michael Hailey Jr. and Sr., Ebony’s promises to satisfy all taste buds while not breaking your wallet. It is located on the corner of Mercer Road and E. Wooster Street next door to Wendy’s.

The restaurant is primarily carry-out, however, it does seat nearly 20 individuals for dine-in. The Hailey’s plan for an additional delivery service to be added come this November.