U.S. has changed for the worse

George Valko and George Valko

I spent last year studying abroad in Japan, and I do not know why the rest of the University did not go with me.

I have come back to America, and found it in total chaos. I have nightmares that our civil liberties have been taken away. Or that people who question our president are branded unpatriotic. Luckily that has not happened in reality.

America has gotten crazier over the last 30 years. During the last year America seemed to kick it up a crazy notch. For example when did Americans get so fat? I know of no other country that sells 64-ounce refillable mugs at the local 7-11. You would be peeing Mountain Dew Code Red for a week. Do they still make that?

Politics. How did American politics take such a turn for the worse? Who is listening to our beloved president and why have they been allowed near the rest of us? Why is Clinton still being insulted by Republicans? I had no idea a BJ would have such lasting ill effects, at least that is what I told my doctor.

Sports. The Patriots won the super bowl again? How does Bill Belichick manage to mess up with the Browns, but win two of the last three Super Bowls? The new “Dream Team”. Ok, we know why they sucked. Moving on, the Yankees. How can Joe Torre still have a job after not winning the World Series for 3 years? Between you and me, I think that Steinbrenner is getting soft.

TV. Friends is over. The world can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that disaster was avoided. I was worried that show would never end. Now if there was someway we could remove it from syndication…

Music and Movies. In an act of irony I heard the best music America has to offer, in Japan. Americans are making some wonderful music and movies. However, most of it is washed away by Hollywood’s ability to promote. Musicians and actors who try to produce new ideas or sounds are brushed aside. I wish Americans would realize the Michelle Branchs of the world are not the “deepest” musicians. Instead of recognizing talent, we have a lust for marketable music and superficial celebrities.

All that is nice and interesting and perhaps humorous, but what really makes it hard to re-adjust to American life is the American attitude. The American attitude is “F you, I’m better.” It is when Steve Nash says he does not like America’s foreign policy and David Robinson feels it necessary to kick him out. It is the constant use of racial slurs and stereotypes. Even when directed at ones on ethnicity, like some black Americans do. And no I am not black, but so what? Chuck D. said the same thing when he came to speak at the University two years ago.

Now, I have some advice for America: Chill out. Get some patience and understand that you are one person of billions. Just because you are American does not make you better than anyone else on the planet. Try to read something important, like the news. And you know what, you might have to dig a little bit to get to the truth, and not just look at the daily Yahoo news updates.