Watch Out Left!

Mike Woodall and Mike Woodall

Well, though it’s only been a few weeks of classes, friends, and fun here at BGSU, it seems as if the upcoming presidential election has been the event on everyone’s mind.

Throughout these past weeks, I have had the opportunity to judge the actual amount of Liberal presence here on campus. The John Kerry campaign booths, signs, and bumper stickers can be found everywhere. But why not? It’s easy to be a Liberal on a college campus; limited biases towards them, and therefore, less worry of demeaning judgment.

Many classes have been taking unscientific polls in their classrooms, seeing which way the student body sways. You may think raising your hand for a political party is not a difficult task, but you see all the hands for being democrat, or for being in favor of Kerry, and then a Conservative as myself wonders: What will they think about me when I raise my hand in support of President Bush?

I am one of the lucky ones. I’m not scared or shy with my morals; quite frankly I am proud. I raise my hand and am glad to be in that minority. I take every sneer and stare, and think to myself “I can’t wait to tell them I told you so. I knew President Bush would win again.”

Why am I so confident? We’ll I’ll tell you.

As a third-year member of the Bowling Green College Republicans, I witnessed an event that I would have never fathomed to see on this campus, or any other campus for that matter. At our weekly meeting (Wednesdays at 9:00 in the B.A. 112) I walked into a room that looked like a regular classroom in session. First the room was filled, then as people filed in it became standing-room only, and in a short time the room was too full to function. We then decided to change rooms, and when all became calm, there were over 200 people in a room all with one common goal: Four More Years.

Throughout the meeting cheers and applause rang out to the positive remarks being made towards President George W. Bush and his campaign. It was amazing to see so many individuals who were ready to stand up for what they believed in. They were willing to begin or continue to flex their collective muscle and allowed their views, morals, and elation for the job the President has done to come out in full force.

As a warning to all of you hoping to see a landslide victory by John Kerry: There are Republicans on this campus and they are prepared to do anything it takes to put President Bush back in office, and you can continue to mock us, degrade us, and deface our publications (such as the chalkings that were defaced on the sidewalk), but we are here to stay and you know if they are coming out in force here, they are everywhere. Thank you again to everyone who showed up to the College Republicans meeting and I hope you will continue to help put President George W. Bush, the right man for the job, back in office.