Rock the Vote’ rocks area’s college voters

Brian Pauline and Brian Pauline

With the presidential election only two months away, national organizations are lobbying to get voters registered before it is too late. In an attempt to create a record turnout at the polls this year, organizations are targeting young voters to sign up. “Rock the Vote” is on campus today at the Union from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. encouraged students to get involved and register to vote.

DJ’s from 106.5, “The Zone,” Mark Foulton and Allyssa Harris were part of the team and stressed the importance of this year’s election.

They urged absentee and regular voters to stop by their table, but they will not carry any general information about the candidates themselves.

“It is important to get people involved but we at the radio station, are non-partisan,” said Foulton. “It is a way to give students, who have not yet registered, a chance to do so.”

He said it was a good idea for national radio stations and recording artists to get behind the election and rally around a candidate.

The highlight of this year’s drive is the Presidents of the United States of America concert September 9 at Headliners in Toledo. The concert will be at 8 p.m. and general admission tickets are $15. The Presidents are volunteering their time for the “Rock the Vote” organization. Another artist involved in the project across the country in major cities is Hoobastank.

Harris hopes the bands will be a catalyst to inspire voter turnout this year.

“In the past they [The Presidents] wanted to keep politics out of their music,” Harris said. “But this is a way to get how they feel out about this year’s election.”

In an attempt to get 20,000 new voters registered this year, “Rock the Vote” is holding a drive on the campus of the University of Toledo as well. “The Zone” and “Rock The Vote” will be passing out stickers in front of University Hall and be a part CampusFest September 10.