Please try to act like adults

Elizabeth Abbott and Elizabeth Abbott

We are college students. We are people that our parents are proud of. We are officially adults. So tell me why we continue to insist on acting like children.

I was on the shuttle on Friday, going home from a long day at Campus Fest. I am a Kerry supporter and was carrying a sign onto the bus with me. Someone explain to me why people made a point of saying loudly who they are supporting and how horrible Kerry is.

Explain to me why when they were openly expressing their opinions my companion got attacked for stating his.

Why are we so cutthroat against people that are not in our political party? Why do we have to resort to immaturity when we try to make our points? I guarantee saying “Well Kerry looks like a troll and he can’t control his wife” isn’t going to change my mind about who I support. For that matter, neither is calling me stupid, or fat.

Laughing like schoolchildren when you walk off the bus isn’t going to win you any points, nor is high-fiving each other when you think you have the best of someone.

We don’t need to act like this, election year or not. When I try to say calmly why I believe what I believe, don’t scream in my face or interrupt me for the “sake of your cause”. Don’t ask me what my age is, because I guarantee I’m older than you. Don’t pull on my sign like you’re going to steal it and don’t steal another’s bumper sticker just because you don’t agree with it!

Have we really slipped back so far as a culture that we have resorted to petty name calling when we don’t agree with someone’s opinions? Think before you talk. Hear the other person’s side. If you don’t agree with it, state it calmly afterwards.

If you want my honest opinion I’ll tell you I’d rather pledge allegiance to my fish than any of the candidates, but you haven’t let me say that. You’ve done nothing but shove Pro-Bush agenda down my throat. Yes, because that’s going to make me vote for your candidate.

I’ve never had this much of a lack of faith in some of the students on this campus. I used to hold them in the highest regard. Now I’m sorry that I did. It’s not fair that an election year brings out the worst in us. I just hope I’m not the only one that sees that logic.

So before you spit in the face of the opposing party, steal someone’s sign or bumper sticker or call someone names think about who you’re representing. You’re representing the students of BGSU.

And I never want to say “How immature. Though I wouldn’t expect any less from a college student,” ever again.