Red Wanting Blue to drop new album

Chelsea Howard and Chelsea Howard

Red Wanting Blue, a popular college indie rock band, is due to release a much anticipated new album in October, “Pride- the Cold Lover,” and follow with an extensive tour that tentaivelycrosses paths with Howard’s Club H today.

The band’s official sixth album, “Pride — The Cold Lover,” comes out October 19, and as Mark Anderson, Red Wanting Blue’s manager explains, it was a series of firsts for the band.

“It was the first time working with the producer (Ted Comerford), it was the first time that their album has ever been professionally mixed or mastered, it was the first time with Mark as the new drummer, and it was the first time the band has ever had enough time to record an album.”

Through all of the changes they encountered, Red Wanting Blue managed to lay out 10 amazing tracks, which are rather different from their previous albums. “The last album we were being compared to 3 Doors Down and Creed, but this record is more down the middle and helped them find who they are,” explains Mark Anderson. Scott Terry, the lead singer, states that, “The band is growing and nurturing over the past seven years, When people listen to this record, they will hear things that they have never heard from us.”

Having additional time to make this album was something that Red Wanting Blue needed. They used to have a total of seven or eight days to lay down 12 or more tracks, in which Mark explains that the band never really felt as if they could achieve perfection because they only had a limited amount of time; thus causing an amazing amount of stress, especially on Scott Terry who would only have two days at the most to lay down vocals on ten or more songs. But with 22 days, the band could take as much time as they needed to perfect their songs, and fans that have gotten lucky enough to hear a sneak preview, are definitely noticing a difference. Long time fan and BG student, Beth Dutridge notes, “The only song that I have heard off of the new album is, “Pride is a Lonely Blanket (When We Speak),” and the only word I really have for the song is ‘beautiful.’ The lyrics, the structure, the dynamics… it’s all just amazing! Scott Terry has never sounded so good. I can’t wait to get the album!”

Scott Terry also has a soft spot for the song, “Pride is a Lonely Blanket.” Not only was the song the inspiration for the title of the album, but Scott Terry said, ” ‘Pride’ is really the cornerstone of the album. When we went to the studio, we did a lot of experimenting and threw all of our old material out, which was a very scary thing. But that song became the backbone of the album.”

Red Wanting Blue will be touring extensively to promote their new album, bringing their emotion rock and their ability to dominate during a live show to Bowling Green on Friday, October 1st, at Howard’s Club H where they are expected to take the stage at 10:30, hopefully… and I do mean, hopefully.

Red Wanting Blue is currently stranded in Jackson Hole, WY due to the fact that their van broke down near Yellowstone National Park, which means they have only a limited time to get their vehicle fixed, followed by a tedious 27 hour drive to Bowling Green. “Things have been really hectic, ” Scott Terry says, ” But we have met a lot of angels in disguise; making me thing that this break down is a very fortunate action. We had a Dairy Farmer that we jammed with during Open Mic Night at the Red Lodge Saloon, and then he let us stay the night at his house! We’ve had this guy drive us eight hours to a gig and we have made a lot of friends during this process.” Mark Anderson assures the fans that management is doing everything in their power to make sure that Red Wanting Blue takes Howard’s by storm on Friday night; especially since they will be playing six songs from the new album.

Red wanting Blue will also be holding a series of “Pride-The Cold Lover” release parties, including one around mid- November that will also be held at Howard’s, however, specifics will be released at a later time.

“The band has grown so much during this experience… the album truly reflects that, “states Mark Anderson. “(Pride- The Code Lover) is number one at and it hasn’t even been released yet, so that should definitely say something about what an impact this album is going to make.”

**Editor’s note: The Red Wanting Blue’s van is broken down in Jackson Hole, WY. Howard’s Club H concert is pending***