Try to be politically responsible

Chris Renner and Chris Renner

As a conservative, it has been really hard for me to read the past two issues of the BG News.

The lack of morality, the lies, the conspiracy theories (The Draft, are you serious?), the misinformation, and the stubbornness have finally welled up inside of me so much, that now I must let it all out. First and foremost, I am absolutely appalled at the lack of moral character that has been displayed within the opinion pages. Yesterday, I read an article encouraging people to “F the Vote.” Are you serious? Women fought to be heard, to be respected and not looked at as merely an object and here you are promoting sex for a vote. Are there really people out there willing to whore themselves out in order to get someone to change their vote? Oh yeah, that would be John Kerry’s faithful followers. I’m sure that Bill Clinton would take you up on this whole “F the vote” offer, but I guess that would be cheating, John Kerry already has his vote.

Going into the elections, I just ask that people think. Often times, people like to point fingers at the current administration for certain things like “No Child Left Behind” or the Iraq war. I ask you to think for a second how government works. First, the legislative branch writes the bills and votes on the bills. If it passes in both the house and the senate, it makes it to the President’s desk in which he can sign it into law. So, before it ever gets to the President, both the house and the senate, a bi-partisan group, has to decide that the bill is a good idea. Then and only then, the President can sign it into law.

Take the “No Child Left Behind” act for instance. The bill was written by Ted Kennedy, one of the most liberal of all Democrats. Both John Edwards and John Kerry voted for the bill, and now completely denounce it as one of Bush’s failures.

Both John Edwards and John Kerry voted for the President to have the ability to go to war. Now they are both against it and say that it was a bad idea. John Kerry remains to be both for and against the Iraq war, depending on the polls for that day.

Next, the president asked for 87 billion dollars to help support the troops by giving them body armor and state-of-the-art technology. Only 12 senators voted against giving the troops the 87 billion dollars. Two of those 12 senators are John Edwards and John F. Kerry.

If you look at the Presidency like a job, missing nearly 70 percent of your work days would get you fired. The Democratic Party is hoping that it will make John Kerry the next president of the United States. He has missed votes concerning education, the elderly, and even issues concerning minorities, but he was still able to make it back to be one of those 12 senators who voted against giving the troops more support. It is important to ask yourself, is the candidate in this election for themselves or for the American people?

In conclusion, vote for the candidate that best represents you. Get informed, read the paper, listen to the radio, just whatever you do, don’t “F the Vote.” Take pride in the fact that you are an American and exercise one of your rights as a citizen, to vote for the person who you feel will best represent you.

If you are one of those people who wish to “F the Vote” I ask that you simply just “F the Vote” all day long and miss the vote on November 2, because people as ignorant as you shouldn’t even be given a vote in the first place.