Campus is not full of liberals

I attended the rally for George W. Bush at Fort Meigs last Saturday. At the rally I met a parent of a BGSU student. I mentioned I was on the faculty at BGSU and he said, “What are you doing here?” He was under the impression that everyone at BGSU is a liberal.

While it may seem that our campus is decidedly liberal, I have news for the conservatives on campus. You are not alone. We may not be as vocal as the other side, but we exist.

In my experience, everybody gets equal representation here — if you submit your opinion. The responses to my letters on this page have been positive, so I know there are other conservatives on campus. But few of us have the time required to submit a letter, so we often go unnoticed.

Some writers attempt to cite supporting “facts” but their logic is circular. They interpret data according to their beliefs and call it “fact.” If I get a handle on what you believe, I can deduce the “facts.” Don’t be afraid to submit a letter without “facts.”

So, what’s my opinion? My opinion is that our nation needs a spiritual revival the likes of which a mystery to Sen. Kerry and that the anti-Bush ads have dominated the anti-Kerry ads, so Kerry should quit complaining. My opinion is that our courts should apply existing laws to specific cases rather than re-write laws. My opinion is that those who are paying the largest share of taxes should receive the largest tax breaks. My opinion is that some leading liberals refuse to denounce violent protests because they are running scared. My opinion is that true wisdom comes from God and Godly living.

The Democratic Party seems bent on obliterating all references to God and all standards of Godly living from our culture.

That’s my opinion. Now respond.