Off-campus housing crunch continues

Ninety-nine on-campus students still had not been assigned housing after the second meeting of the Overflow Housing Committee last Friday.

The overflow problem was originally estimated to be nearly 400 students. As of Friday, the University had assigned students to all of the 288 extra beds it acquired after last month’s agreement with Greenbriar, Inc.

“[All 99] will be assigned by the time the residence halls open on August 21,” said Associate Dean of Students Jill Carr, who organized the committee.

Although Carr is now a dean, she spent her first 19 years at the University in Residence Life. This is the seventh time Carr has dealt with a residence overflow issue.

“[In the past], lounges in residence halls were converted into student rooms. And one year, the problem was so significant that we also created triple rooms out of double rooms,” Carr said. “When we had this problem, we didn’t have a large amount of vacant apartments available in the community. I wish this solution had been available to me. “

The residence overflow problem was realized after more freshman were admitted than any in other year in University history. According to director of admissions Gary Swegan, totals have been approximated as 3,825 new freshman and 675 transfer students.

Students with 25 credits could move off campus to two buildings of Columbia Court Apartments at 903-935 Thurstin Ave., part of the Heinz Apartments at 808 ‘ 818 N. Enterprise Drive, and one building at 516 E. Merry St.

Sheila Coressel will be the hall director for the three apartment sites. She will live in a central location and will divide her time between the sites. She was unavailable for comment.

Director of Public Safety James Wiegand and Bowling Green city police plan to “team patrol” the new sites.

“911 calls will go into the city rather than the campus police. But whenever possible, they will notify us that they have received an emergency call and we’ll respond,” Wiegand said.

Phone lines for the apartments are still being priced. So far, phone costs are estimated at $30,000. All maintenance will be handled by Greenbriar and fire extinguishers will be added by the University.

Greenbriar might not give parking decals to every campus apartment resident. Residents may purchase an on-campus parking decal.

The committee has not agreed on a way to control activity in the apartments during breaks, so students will probably be able to stay in the apartments.

There is still a possibility of converting the lounges in Offenhauer into dorm rooms, but Carr expects open space in residence halls soon.

“Housing numbers change constantly. Students will be assigned as vacancies become available throughout the housing system,” Carr said.

The Overflow Housing Committee will meet again Friday August 9 at 8 am. For info about location and more, contact Jill Carr in 301 BTSU.