Show some classroom courtesy

There are some issues in life more pressing than others such as working, sleeping and eating. Being courteous and mature isn’t exactly necessary for survival, but it definitely makes life more enjoyable for everyone.

There are many ways this involves students, and one of the most important is being respectful to lecturers and other students in class.

Many people here seem to have no clue how to behave in a classroom. Consistent tardiness is a problem, but it becomes more of one when the late student walks right in front of the professor to take a seat, or when the noise of someone getting books and papers organized is louder than the lecture.

Walking behind the professor, around the back of the classroom or taking a seat near the door is not only the polite thing to do, but it shows respect for the professor and the other students, and that you take the class seriously.

A few years ago, talking on a cell phone in class was completely unheard of. Now, it seems like a common practice. Some people actually answer their phones and leave the room to talk.

Even if they don’t answer, the annoying ring announcing a call disturbs the entire class and is very rude to the professor.

Except for emergency personnel on-call, no one’s phone calls are so important that they should disrupt class and show blatant disrespect toward the instructor. Of course there are times when someone forgets to turn their phone off – it happens to everyone. But it happens much too often for that to be the case every time. If you absolutely can’t go an hour without talking on the phone, don’t go to class.

Complaints about instructors should be directed toward department heads or expressed in evaluations at the end of the semester. Whining in class annoys others and is just plain mean.

Believe it or not, faculty members have feelings, too.

Whether you like their teaching style or not, professors have the degrees, the knowledge and the experience, and you may have to adjust your study habits for certain classes.

Not every professor will give you the precise test questions and answers in class. Asking “Will this be on the test?” is like saying “I don’t care about what you have to say or what we need to learn in this class, I just want to get a good grade.”

This is college – grow up and learn to do some work.

Maybe people act this way because professors and other students tolerate the lack of courtesy. Maybe they just don’t realize they are being rude.

Either way, school and the rest of life would be much better for everyone if people would stop to think just for a minute and try to treat others the way they want to be treated.