Rich history lies behind buildings

Harshman Quad

– Built as part of a University program to double housing capacity on-campus in a 10-year span in 1964.

– Named after President of the University, Dr. Ralph G. Harshman.


– Named after an African-American poet laureate, Paul L. Dunbar of Dayton, Ohio. He advanced the black arts in the country and was the first black man to receive national and international recognition for his craft.

Anderson and Bromfield Halls

– Named after novelists.

Chapman Hall

– Named after Johnny Appleseed.

– 1977 — University health center was turned into dorms. The second floor was still used for in-patient services. Health service was to become a fully-equipped hospital.

– 1946 — The huts. Temporary metal army structures constructed behind the football field to take care of the enrollment expansion. Each held 16 men and were divided into two rooms. They were also heated and had one stove in each.

Williams Hall

– The first dorm in 1916 held 102 residents.

– Named after Dr. Homer B. Williams, the first president of Bowling Green Normal School.

– During WWII, the dorm housed the Navy’s first V-5 and V-12 .

– 1964 — it was converted into what is now the Political Science bldg.

Shatzel Hall

– The second dorm on campus.

– It housed only freshman women in 1953.

– 1956 — it was converted to an only men’s dorm.

-1966–itwasthefirst University building to hold academic department offices.

– 1951 — the hall went through $26,000 worth of shower modernizations.

Kreischer Quad

– The second largest co-ed complex 1966.

Darrow Hall

-Named after Clarence Darrow, the successful lawyer who defended Thomas Scopes in the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Compton Hall

– Named after a family of scholars and scientists.

Ashley Hall

– Named after James Ashley, an Ohio congressman, who has been remembered as the man who began the movement to impeach President Johnson.

Batchelder Hall

– Named after journalist Ann Batchelder, a woman given an honorary degree from the University in 1950.

– The lake that used to be in between Kreischer and Harshman Quads, was named Peregrine Lake .

Rodgers Quad

– Named after the longest serving member of the University’s Board of Trustees, E. Tappin Rodgers.

– Cost $1.5 million to build and housed 700 men in 1955.

Kohl Hall

– First hall built solely for men in 1929, housing 162 total.

– Commons was added in 1963. The Commons feed 1,500 at every meal. Meal tickets were obtained at the Dean’s office for $37 for a 5-week period in 1947, and $6.50 per week.

– Named after Dr. Clayton C. Kohl, the chair of Sociology at the time. He was the first faculty member to have a building dedicated to him.

– Cost $1.50 weekly for a room and $.50 for upkeep.

Founders Quad

– Originally a women’s hall, each of the four wings were named after men.

Ivy Hall

– the oldest building on campus at the time, was torn down in 1961 for the construction of Founder’s parking lot.

Conklin Hall

– 1961 — it housed upper classmen and 8 fraternities; 320 men total .

– Named after Principal of Bowling Green High School in 1962, Arch B. Conklin.

Editor’s Note: All information provided by The University’s Archive department located in Jerome Library.