Take time to remember those lost

First and foremost we would like to welcome everyone back to the University. While the year 2004 hopes to bring several new memories, we must take time to remember the news and events of the previous three weeks, which brought both glory and tragedy to the University.

A belated Christmas present was given to the University by the football team in the form of a 28-24 victory over Northwestern in the Motor City Bowl. The game was a fitting end to a remarkable season for the Falcons, and while many fans were unable to make the voyage to Detroit, they were with the team in spirit as they watched the game on TV.

One of the year’s first books to hit the shelves was written by Pete Rose, in which he admitted to betting on the game of baseball, and appeared on an in-depth interview on ABC’s “PrimeTime.” These events revived the controversial debate of whether or not Rose deserves to be reinstated to baseball, and ultimately the Hall of Fame.

Another memorable news story that occurred in Ohio was made by Elicia Battle from Euclid, who claimed that she lost the winning lottery ticket worth $162 million, which was redeemed by another woman. Battle, later revoked her statement and was charged with a misdemeanor —- filing a false police report.

We feel all of these stories would have made excellent editorials if we had been in school for the past three weeks. However, none of these stories trump the series of tragedies which directly impacted the University.

There were several deaths among the faculty.

Karen Louise Kennedy Binder, wife of Director of Greek Affairs Ron Binder, died Jan. 5 after a 12-year battle with ovarian cancer. Gordon R. (Randy) Sokoll died Dec. 31 at Wood County Hospital of pancreatitis, the inflammation of the pancreas.

Dr. Josh Kaplan served as the director of Health Services at the University since 1984. He died Jan. 2 at Wood County Hospital, ending a five-year battle with cancer. He was 57.

Also, a University student has been declared missing. Garrit Nixon of Defiance, Ohio was last seen on Dec. 27. He was jumping into the Auglaize River.

It is easy to overlook the events that occurred while we were enjoying our winter vacation. We all heard about the Motor City Bowl, Pete Rose’s apology and the supposed lost lottery ticket, but such stories come and go.

The University lost three members of its community, and possibly a fourth, and that is the kind of news that everybody should take time to consider.