Republicans need to address U.S. problems

I would like to thank Ms. Tortorella for writing her column. It takes guts to make such bold accusations against a large group of people.

As a liberal, it is not my only mission to attack President Bush. I have issues with his national security policy (is there such a thing in this country?) and his domestic policy (No Child Left with the opportunity for a good education … oops, Behind). Not to mention all of the other policies he has implemented or attempted to implement. If anyone is interested, check out:

A little information for you concerning the Clinton and Bin Laden reference. When Bin Laden was being held by the Sudanese government, Clinton was not “offered” Bin Laden like so many think. Clinton had no evidence to convict or even detain Bin Laden at that time. If he had lied to the American people about evidence that did not exist, however, he would have been in the same predicament as Bush.

Your attacks on the United Nations are unfounded. How can we ignore weapons that aren’t there?

Never mind the fact that the United States also didn’t bother to look for the weapons before a year ago. The United States, however, has been urgently looking for these weapons after Bush decided that Iraq was an immediate threat.

I also learned something new about France and Germany in your column. No where else have I heard any mention of France and Germany’s “personal political agendas.”

But you are right, Bush is a smart guy. He knows how to use money to get the things he needs. His resume, quoted from his official biography: Owner, oil and gas business; Partner, Texas Rangers Baseball Team; Governor of Texas; and President of the United States. From my point of view, he has a lot of experience that qualifies him as being an “average” American.

According to you, I, as a liberal, have no morals or principles. And yet, I want to help provide health care to all Americans, equal access to higher education, and equal rights for everyone. I am accepting of other religions, even lack of religion. All the while, the conservatives of this country want to help business and themselves.

My problem with, not only Bush, but all Republicans, is that they need to look beyond their white picket fences. They need to see the poverty, the lack of education, the lack of jobs, the lack of healthcare and the lack of support for the elderly that is facing this country. They don’t, however, need to look as far as Mars. As of yet, there are no rich people up there to lift up and no minorities, no poor and no women to oppress.