Predicted events prove Bible to be true

Throughout history men and women have read the Bible and followed it so that they could know God.

It has been a source of strength and also a source of controversy. People throughout the ages have tried to disprove the Bible, but only to become believers themselves.

It is impossible to try to validate the whole Bible in 600-800 words, but I am going to take just one of many historical examples that I believe will help people to see how the words of the Bible are valid.

I believe that the Bible can be trusted and is accurate. The Bible is rational and historically accurate.

Don’t believe me? Well let’s take a quick glimpse and see.

History books have pointed out the accuracy of the Bible and how exact specific prophecies have come to pass. There have been many, but I will concentrate on one in the Old Testament.

Ezekiel the prophet once spoke about how the great city of Tyre would be destroyed. Tyre was a coastal city on the Mediterranean Sea. Ezekiel prophesied specifically that the walls of Tyre would be destroyed and that the city would be made into a desolate place to never be inhabited again.

He also specifically prophesied that God would make her (Tyre) like the top of a rock and that it would be a place for the spreading out of nets into the midst of the sea.

Of course Tyre was a great-fortified city and the people of this magnificent place did not believe the words of God spoke through Ezekiel.

But they soon found out how true this really was because a few years later Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon attacked Tyre for thirteen years. After many years the Babylonians finally broke through the strong walls of Tyre and many people were killed. But thousands of people fled to the sea in boats to build the new city of Tyre on an island a half-mile out on the Mediterranean Sea.

Then 250 years later a man named Alexander the Great was attempting to overtake the world and in doing so, he needed the help in keeping the Persian army from being able to use its Navy. So Alexander commanded Tyre to give into him and to allow him to put troops in the city to stop Persia from using the Navy. Tyre was a half-mile in the Mediterranean Sea, so Tyre laughed in Alexander’s face and did not adhere to his command.

Alexander the Great was infuriated so he attempted something that no one in history had ever heard of at the time that time–he built a causeway out to Tyre to destroy the city in the sea.

The army of Alexander the Great used the old walls of Tyre and threw them into the sea along with timber and other ruble to build his causeway to new Tyre. These are all the same objects that the prophet Ezekiel said would be used to destroy Tyre. New Tyre was utterly destroyed because Alexander wanted to make an example of anyone who would try to get in his way.

If someone goes to the place that used to be new Tyre today Ezekiel’s prophecy is fulfilled every day. This is because fisherman cast their nets out to sea where new Tyre used to reside.

The city has not been rebuilt and no one lives where Tyre used to reside. With all of those specific details fulfilled, it shows how God speaks through people and how He fulfills His words.

The Bible is full of prophecies. History books, archeological finds and many other outside sources prove the validity of the Bible.

Over a span of thousands of years the Bible could not have been written just by a bunch of men because prophecies throughout the Bible have occurred.

In my opinion, there has to be a mastermind behind all of this and God is definitely the one behind it and in control of all that is said in the Bible.

Open a Bible and look at all of the historical records of what has happened throughout history. Then go research through credible sources and see if it all lines up. I am confident that you will see that the Bible is valid and is a readable source.