Subway, Starbucks held up by contracts

Franchise and licensing agreements seem to be slowly halting the progress of bringing Subway and Starbucks to the Bowling Green State University dining centers.

“We are disappointed that contract negotiations are taking so long,” said Jane Schimpf, assistant vice-president for Auxiliary Services who serves as the liaison to Subway and Starbucks for contract negotiations.

“Yet, when Subway and Starbucks do come to the campus dining centers, they will be positive additions to the campus program.”

Amber Browning, a sophomore at the University, agreed with the impact that these two nationally known brands will have on the University dining centers. “Many students, including myself are drawn to or can identify with certain restaurant chains and franchises. Offering students a melting pot of different varieties at the dining centers will inevitably have a greater appeal to student consumers,” she said.

But don’t look for Subway in the Chily’s Convenience Store or Starbucks at the Union in the upcoming months.

“The estimated earliest date for their [Subway and Starbucks] arriving debut at the University is roughly late June,” said Schimpf. “Lawyer to lawyer negotiations seems to be the determining factor when the progress will begin once again,” said Gail Finan, director of Dining Services.

Until then it looks like students and faculty will have to wait to enjoy a cup of Starbucks House Blend or a Subway Classic Italian B.M.T in the campus dining centers.