I invite you to listen to just one song on this CD. If your foot is tapping by the end of it, you’ve come to the same conclusion as I have; the songs are catchy. And it’s not like other CDs that you buy for one song with hope that he rest is just as good. With this CD, there isn’t any “hoping” involved, it’s just plain good.

It’s hard to explain how truly awesome this CD really is. Songwriter Jim Koch captures what most people have felt and puts it all to words with ease.

This is especially true with a song entitled, “Half the Night.” The song is about going out to party when you really shouldn’t. This is something over half of University students can relate to.

“You can take your night/ you can go to bed on time/…. Life just don’t seem right/ ‘Less you do a little wrong/You can’t afford half the night/ But you still go on and on.”

The song talks about something so simple as going to a party, and gives a reason to do so. How could students not like that? The music is a combination of all of the band’s influences. In the end, the band is a mix of rock, power pop and roots. Whichever you want to call it, it’s impressive. says, “These songs will hijack your brain.” They don’t leave anything out. If in one song the keyboardist has a mellow interlude, the next song will have a fast-paced melody for him to play. And it’s the same for the other band members.

The Big Creak makes this CD fun to listen to. If not for the lyrics, then just for the beats themselves. Buy this CD, it’s worth it. -Nichole Rominski