Writers should know facts before giving opinions

here was a certain article in today?s publication of The BG News that certainly caught my attention and shocked me.

The column, ?Alcohol brings pleasant times as well as a few tragic results,? by Matt Sussman poked fun at a serious situation and seriously insulted me. It also insulted Garrit Nixon?s friends and family and portrayed him in a very negative way.

What gives Mr. Sussman the right to make a joke out of such a serious situation when he doesn?t know the actual facts? The fact is, I don?t believe anyone knows the facts of the situation.

I just don?t think it?s fair that Mr. Sussman portrayed Mr. Nixon in such a negative way, when it would be wise to comfort his friends and family during this difficult time rather than point out flaws.

I am shocked and cannot believe that such a column was published in a paper I highly respected. I understand that it?s an opinion column, but whatever happened to respect?

Do people not have hearts anymore?

I apologize, and I know The BG News could care less, but I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for this newspaper.

Boris YanovskySTUDENT