Treasure’ tops box office

Rick Holter and Rick Holter

UNBURIED `TREASURE’: There’s no denying it: “National Treasure” is digging up some serious riches. The Nicolas Cage/Jerry Bruckheimer action fantasy topped the charts for the third straight week, a feat matched by only six other films this year. And that despite a so-so ad campaign and a critical reception that would bury just about any other film. Both the principals needed a hit: A Nic flick hadn’t topped $100 mil since 2000, and the super-producer was coming off back-to-back bombs: “King Arthur” and “Veronica Guerin.”

THE UP SIDE: “Closer” presents an intriguing case: A star-stuffed cast and a stellar opening-weekend average propelled this limited release into the stratosphere at No. 5. But audiences weaned on feel-good Julia Roberts fables could get shell-shocked by the barrage of f-bombs. This one bears close watching.

BOMB SQUAD: Loyal readers know that the Squad just hates to kick someone when he’s down, so … sharpen those boots! “Alexander” is dropping faster than an Olympic diver, down 65 percent in weekend two _ the deepest plummet in the top 40. Had the Parthenon crumbled this fast, it would’ve just been dust on a picturesque hilltop centuries ago.