Women travel to New Mexico

If the Bowling Green women’s basketball team has anything on their side it is their youthful exuberance.

The Falcons top five scorers at this point in the season consist of four sophomores and a freshman and the future continues to get brighter for the Falcons.

“I’m excited about the success of our youth,” BG head coach Curt Miller said. “The concern of all the youths is are the sophomores ready to lead? We have tremendous seniors but they don’t play as many minutes.”

The core of the team is the sophomore class.

Forward Ali Mann is coming off a great freshman campaign that saw her win the Mid-American Conference freshman of the year. She has continued her success this season, scoring 11.5 points and grabbing 7.2 boards per game.

Statistically, she has been second to Post player Liz Honegger, who is putting in 14 points per game and nine rebounds per contest.

Forwards Megan Thorburn (10.2 points per game) and Carin Horne (10 points per game) join the duo as double digit scorers.

These players were expected to contribute, the surprise comes with freshman point guard Kate Achter, who is averaging 10.5 and 3.8 assists per contest and is currently sharing time with senior Tene Lewis at the point.

“The big picture is that we may be one of the only teams in the country where the top five scorers are sophomores and freshman.”

The youth filled group will get a shot at this big time tonight in Albuquerque, N.M. when they take on New Mexico.

The Lobos come into the game with a 4-1 record and have beaten the likes of Oklahoma State and Missouri. They are a deep team, as their only player scoring in double digits is Dionne Marsh, who averaged exactly 10 points per contest.

Miller said the team is probably in the Top 50 in the nation, which would make them a probable participant in the Big Dance come March.

On top of playing top-of-the-line competition, the Falcons will get to play in a big time venue.

The Lobos normally draw a crowd to “the Pit” that would fill Anderson Arena more than twice over and should be the biggest crowd the Falcons have played in front of during Miller’s tenure.

The venue should put the Falcons’ MAC tournament games at the Gund Arena last season to shame.

“The team is tired, but excited to go to New Mexico,” Miller said. “As competitive athletes, there’s not a competitive environment better. I believe we will play in front of 10 to 12 thousand people.”

The Falcons will take flight in Albuquerque tonight at 10 p.m. EST.