Happy anniversary, Hip Hop

Sean Corp and Sean Corp

Although it had been a staple of New York nightclubs for years it wasn’t until 1979 that most of America was exposed to hip-hop music.

With a hip to the hop and a bang to the boogie the Sugarhill Gang came out with “Rapper’s Delight.”

While Sugarhill Gang has a lot in common with N’Sync, they were a band brought together by a record label to sell records, they opened the doors to the rest of the hip-hop community.

A year later punk-rocker Deborah Harry saw Fab Five Freddy perform in the Bronx after she left the famous club CBGBs and they collaborated on the song “Rapture.”

Not long after came Run D.M.C., who had the cross over sensation “Walk this Way” with Aerosmith.