Letters to the Editor: December 1, 2004

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Dorm bathroom left disgusting all year from acts of immaturity

Living in Harshman-Bromfield is a great experience because I know that I am surrounded by my academic peers, however, on the third floor, I’m not so sure it is all that great.

The third floor of the hall is a typical dorm for the most part. There is loud music blaring for most of the day, and our doors stay open when we play it. There is talk about girls, and guitars. But one thing that isn’t so normal is the bottle of pee sitting in my hallway at this very moment, at 2:13 a.m.

In the morning, I am sure when I walk into our bathroom, there will be urine all over the floor. My RA described it best when she told me that it was “like a cover of piss on the floor.”

The shower stalls are disgusting to even think about. There is usually urine in there as well as pubic hair, and the smell is outrageous. There are a pair of underwear that have been in there for more than two weeks.

It has gotten so bad, that my RA had to have a floor meeting just to address the issues with the men on my floor, and our toilet paper was taken away because some people decided to pee directly on it, as well as post a picture of one of the floormates with the “He is watching you” on it. People took them off the walls, threw them on the floor and urinated on them.

This is the maturity of 3rd floor Bromfield men. I have a problem with bathing in the bathroom, and I pay good money to use that bathroom. I at least deserve a sanitary place to bathe. And my fellow floormates don’t seem to understand common human respect, and they also don’t seem to understand that if who ever is doing that does not stop, we all get charged for it.

To all the janitors on this campus, I send my apologies, especially if you have to clean our bathroom because no person should have to clean up what has been our bathroom this semester.