Get prepared for finals with The Learning Commons


Get prepared for finals with The Learning Commons

Olivia Piziali , Reporter

With finals week approaching, it is important to start studying well in advance so you can perform your very best. There are a variety of strategies that you can use to successfully pass your exams.  

Teresa Mercer, tutoring coordinator for The Learning Commons, talks about when it is the appropriate time to start studying for final exams.

“I believe this is a very individual preference. It can be challenging to study for multiple classes in a short period of time, so having a plan or course of action to map out specific times to study, review notes, slides, study guides, textbooks, can be extremely helpful. Spacing out your studying and setting aside specific time to prepare can help minimize stress.”

There are a variety of study methods that can help in preparation for exams. Whether it be filling out a study guide, creating flashcards, having a friend quiz you, there are a variety of methods that are helpful. But not every strategy works for everyone. 

Mercer talks about study strategies she recommends for BGSU students to use in preparation for finals week.

“There are many strategies and techniques that can help students prepare for exams. One strategy is to study and review your notes. Many students use color coding as a way to organize their notes into sections and categorize similar information for easier reference. Creating flashcards with pertinent information is also a technique that students can use to review information and condense important concepts or formulas; whatever works best based on the course. Every student will develop strategies and techniques that work for them; there’s no “one strategy fits all.”

It is also important to get a substantial amount of sleep. Eight hours is the recommended amount. It is also important to stay hydrated and take breaks during studying if needed. College can be a very stressful time for students and may affect one’s mental health.

Mercer addressed how she has seen the effects of mental health in students during exam week.

“I believe any activity or situation that has the potential to affect a person’s well-being or life goals can cause varying levels of stress; thereby affecting their mental health. Preparing for finals adds another layer of stress for many students. That is why taking time to prepare and having a plan of action for studying can be useful.”

The Learning Commons is a valuable resource on campus for students who need tutoring assistance, help writing a paper, or help finding study strategies for exams.

During finals week, the Learning Commons will be a modified schedule. If you need any assistance during finals week, students can refer to their website for the most up-to-date information regarding their hours during finals week.