City council reads legislation to add onto unlawful discrimination ordinance

Megan Finke, Editor-in-Chief

Bowling Green’s City Council met on Monday, Oct. 3 for their bi-weekly meeting and had the first reading of an ordinance about unlawful discrimination, which could amend section 39.01 of the codified ordinances within the city.

The addition to the ordinance will prevent the discrimination of people based on their own sexual or reproductive health decisions and was introduced by councilperson Nick Rubando.

The current ordinance, passed in 2009, includes “sex” as a protected class, but Rubando said community members have not felt their rights being protected, so its coverage needs to expand.

Section 39.01 of the city’s codified ordinances currently prevent discrimination because of gender, gender expression, gender identity, sex, pregnancy, age, sexual orientation and much more, making up 25 protected classes.

Some of the reproductive health decisions of the ordinance include, but are not limited to, the use of contraceptives, fertility treatments and sterilization, pregnancy or its termination and any illness that may arise from pregnancy.

Some of the sexual health decisions on the ordinance is hormone therapy and any medical treatment to affirm one’s identity.

During the reading, councilperson Greg Robinette asked questions, in which he stated came from him and the community, about what the current problem within the legislation was and what parts of the legislation don’t cover what is being sought.

Robinette said there were many complaints made throughout the community about this new ordinance while pointing out that the current ordinance has 25 enumerated protected classes.

Councilpersons Joel O’Dorisio and Rubando responded to Robinette’s questions, then proceeded with the meeting. The ordinance will move to its second reading.