BGPD upgrades parking enforcement


Falcon Media Staff

Bowling Green Police Department Building

Emily Dimick, Reporter

Starting on Jan. 19, the Bowling Green Police Department will be creating more efficiency within parking enforcement, through the use of the Roker Parking Solution, according to the City of Bowling Green. 

Improvements include paying parking fines online, a new look for parking tickets and the removal of the yellow payment drop boxes. If someone wants to pay in person, they must do so at the police station. 

The City of Bowling Green would like to remind people of the timed parking restrictions on city-owned parking lots. The parking lots have signs that indicate whether the lot has three-hour or 10-hour parking. Any violations will end in a ticket and possibly towing, according to the city’s press release. 

Vehicles are also not allowed to be parked in city-owned parking lots overnight unless they own a permit. If a vehicle breaks this restriction, the car may be towed and will be issued a parking ticket, the press release says. Residential Parking Permits, for overnight parking, can be obtained and submitted at the police station, though there is only a limited number of permits. 

It is important to pay attention to where the parking meters are located, due to the enforcement of parking and meter violations.