BGSU alumni attempts 48 states in 48 hours


Falcon Media Staff

Planes used in the aviation program lined up on the runway.

Emily Dimick, Reporter

BGSU alumni, Barry Behnfeldt of 1983 and Aaron Wilson of 2004 are going to attempt to accomplish flying through all 48 contiguous states within 48 hours, according to BGSU. 

The purpose of this journey is to not only fly over all 48 states in 48 hours but to also inspire next-generation pilots, as there is a shortage in the aviation industry. 

“Maybe someone out there will see what we’re doing and it’ll spark their interest in becoming a pilot… Even better, maybe it’ll encourage them to consider the aviation program at BGSU,” Benfeldt said. 

The journey will span 5,008 miles across the country and should take Bendfeldt and Wilson approximately 39 hours and 57 minutes. The alumni plan to make 10 minute stops at each state airport to get signatures to prove their presence, required by The Guinness World Records. The alumni also expect to make five fuel stops that will take 20 minutes per stop. 

When Behnfeldt first heard about setting this world record, he immediately began to figure out how it could be possible. He reached out to Wilson, a Delta Air Lines pilot and a fellow veteran. 

“Flying across the country in a small airplane is something I’ve always wanted to do, so I was immediately sold on the idea,” Wilson said. “I didn’t have any hesitation about saying yes.” 

Behnfeldt and Wilson are calling their adventure 48N48. To learn more about the duo’s flight plan, the Guinness World Record rules and more go to their website: 48N48