BGSU adds 15000-piece mosaic to alumni center

Nia Lambdin, Editor in Chief

BGSU hosted a ceremony Friday, Jan. 27, to introduce a new installation of a 15,000-piece glass mosaic to the Mileti Alumni Center.

According to the BGSU press release, during the 100 Homecoming celebration, attendees were asked to participate in a community art project by adding colored glass pieces to a mosaic that would mark a century of BGSU Homecomings.

Artist and alumni Gail Christofferson of 1983 and owner of Animal House Glass helped put together the mosaic and then collaborated with Debra Buchanan of 2004 to create the illustration, the press release says.

Christofferson also worked with Craig Hamilton to install the four large panels and finish the mosaic with an oak framing, according to the press release.

The chairman of the Alumni Board of Directors Alison Frye told BGSU the mosaic is a physical representation of the emotions and excitement that came with the 100 Homecoming.

“I love knowing that my children had a hand in helping create this and they will be able to see it for years to come. I’m so happy we have this representation so that we will never forget that Homecoming weekend,” Frye said.