New Class Retake Policy Proposals Announced


Falcon Media Staff

Students in a class at Overman Hall.

Garrett Graybill, Reporter

Two new proposals from the Faculty Senate were announced at the Undergraduate Student Government meeting on Monday, Feb. 6. 

The first proposal is an update to the policy for retaking classes. Currently, a student can retake up to two classes that they have received a D or an F in and, if they get a better grade, it will replace the old grade. The new proposal would allow for any class to be retaken regardless of what grade the student received. There would be no limit to how many classes a student can retake and have the new grade replace the old grade. 

The current policy allows for students to retake as many classes as they want. However, only two classes can count toward replacing an old grade.

The second proposal is a change regarding the incomplete grading policy. The current policy calculates incomplete grades as an F. The new policy would not let incomplete gradings be factored into a students grade point average and the student would have up to one semester to complete the work. Professors and students can also agree on a timeframe for the incomplete work to be completed. 

The committee is using the example of aviation hours to support this proposal due to the fact that inclement weather is a factor for them. With the new changes, aviation students would have an additional semester to complete flight hours without harm to their GPA.

These proposals have not been voted on yet and are currently being discussed by the Faculty Senate.