BGSU partners with Midwest Regional Network and Intel


Falcon Media Staff

University Hall on campus.

Emily Dimick, Reporter

Bowling Green State University has joined the Midwest Regional Network and has partnered with Intel to solve the national semiconductor and microelectronics needs, according to a press release from BGSU. 

The Midwest Regional Network is part of Intel’s $50 million commitment to Ohio higher education institutions and will work with BGSU to support the industry’s demands and needs by providing academic programming that will prepare students for success in the workforce. 

The network will also utilize the research BGSU has done, along with their expertise within the region, to help support the growth of semiconductor and microelectronics, according to the press release. 

“As a public university for the public good, Bowling Green State University is pleased to be joining this incredible partnership network to meet the workforce needs of Ohio and beyond,” stated President Rodney Rogers. “This regional network will allow each of the partnering institutions to leverage their individual strengths while working with one another to effectively and efficiently support Intel’s growth, which is an investment in our state’s future.” 

Work at BGSU’s Center for Photochemical Sciences has Dr. Farida Selim saying they see a future in the undergraduate curriculum that will ensure jobs to students prior to graduation. 

With Intel’s investment in Ohio, more jobs will be available and it will greatly impact research and help make communities better.