BGSU Birds revealed at men’s basketball

Laura Sandlin, Reporter

For decades, Bowling Green State University has had an intense love for sports and school spirit. 

In 1950, Freddie Falcon was born and joined the falcon family. Sixteen years later, Frieda Falcon was born and joined Freddie as they became the two official Bowling Green State University mascots. 

The two spirited brother and sister birds can be seen rooting for BGSU at football, basketball, hockey, and volleyball games.

The identity of those who are chosen as the birds are not revealed until the end of the basketball and hockey seasons. 

In order to become Freddie and Frieda, a student has to fill out an application online and then following that, the chosen student must go through an interview process and become approved through their advisor and the BGSU spirit team.

Over the years, BGSU has gained many more birds to the flock, and as of the 2022-23 school year, BGSU had a total of six birds.

Freddie and Frieda Falcon was embodied by:

  • Charlie Nykiel; senior
  • Jordan Hamilton; junior 
  • Oscar Dunkle; junior
  • Leila Oswalt; senior
  • Olivia Thornton; junior 
  • Sawyer Holbrook; sophomore 

They were all revealed at the Bowling Green State University men’s basketball game versus The University of Toledo on Feb. 18. 

After being revealed, the members reflected on how their time as Freddie and Frieda Falcon has shaped their BGSU experiences.

“My favorite memory as a mascot this year was going to UCLA for the Rose Bowl. Being able to give back to the university that has done so much for me, I just can’t imagine a better way to end the year.” Hamilton said.

Freddie and Frieda have always represented a large representation of the love and school spirit that Bowling Green State University provides to its students and surrounding community members.